What Is Best For You? Compare Google and Facebook Ads

There are the “arch rivals” of the 21st century, both built thanks to millions of advertising revenue. But which platform is really the best to advertise your business online: Google or Facebook?
We looked into the best way to decide which platform offers the best advertising results, by comparing the 2 on what really matters to marketers: reach, targeting and ROI.
Key Points To Take Away
• Facebook has a potential reach of 43,8% of all Internet users
• Google is the reach champion with a potential reach of 90% of all Internet users
• With interests and audiences, Facebook offers better targeting options than Google
• Google remains a stronger option for advertising to mobile users
• Advertising costs on both platforms really depend on what your objectives are
• Google offers a better advertising platform for immediate sales
• Facebook is best to build brand awareness and generate leads for future sales