Web Designers Need Some SEO Expertise in Them

When most businesses create a website to detail their service offerings, they typically create a list of site content that details their business, a list of assets to make the site “pop” and conduct a review of competitor’s websites. They compile all these web elements to identify their needs so they can sell more products and services. Once this step is complete, the website’s wireframes are designed, content is added, the site is coded and the development site is created for functional testing. Finally, the website will go live for the masses to see.

Unfortunately, most web designers stop here. They schedule next year’s website revisions and move on to the next project. Thankfully, some passionate web designers will do more. They understand that a website is an evolving entity, not a static, once-a-year project. They monitor the site’s analytics and think about adding or enhancing content to improve the site’s traffic, page views, conversion and overall site performance. They will review the traffic drivers, conversion statistics and the ever-changing competitive landscape. These dedicated web designers add improved content to increase traffic and ultimately create the best site experience possible.

In addition, this select group of engaged web designers are search engine optimization (SEO) experts. They understand the value of improving websites by enhancing and creating content tied directly to strategic keyword phrases to sell more. They are aware that over 131 billion searches were conducted worldwide in December of 2009 alone (comScore). That is over 4 billion searches per day. These savvy designers understand that, not only do you need to have a clean, user-inspired design, you need to have web pages that rank highly in search engine result pages to obtain traffic.

When planning your new or revised website, it is imperative to consider SEO savvy web designers who creatively find content solutions to increase your website conversions. These web designers think about content, not just as page filler, but as traffic drivers and conversion aids. They see clean designs inspired by detailed research as a necessity to create powerful, keyword dense content. This enables your site to better compete for strategic keywords, increasing your site traffic and ultimately selling more products and services.